Expository Writing Prompts about My Hometown

There’s no place like home, so get your kids writing about the town or city that they live in with these expository writing prompts. Your students will be able to draw from their own personal experiences to write about their favorite places, how to get around, local geography and more!

→ Writing Prompt 1: Write a letter a friend from another country telling them about your city or town. Be sure to talk about how people get around, things to do and see, and your favorite places to visit.

→ Writing Prompt 2: Are there any statues in your town? Who or what do they commemorate? Research the history of a statue and write an essay on it. 

→ Writing Prompt 3: There’s a new amusement park being built in your town, on the land in the empty field right behind your house. Would that be a good thing or a bad thing? Explain your answer.

→ Writing Prompt 4: In a small hometown, it is not unusual to bump into people wherever you go, such as the library, the supermarket, or the local diner. However, in a big city, you can go to all of these places and never meet someone you know. Which appeals to you more? Why?

→ Writing Prompt 5: The police department in your town has outgrown the building and they have proposed to build a new police department in the empty lot right next to the high school. Would that be a good thing or a bad thing? Write an essay explaining your point of view.

→ Writing Prompt 6: The restaurant association of your state is seeking nominations for “Restaurant of the Year.” Nominate your favorite restaurant by writing a letter to the restaurant association president, Mrs. I.M. Phul, describing why this restaurant should win.  

→ Writing Prompt 7: Your town council has given you the chance to order a statue for your town honoring someone important. However, the person you choose does not have to be famous. Who would you like to see be honored by having a statue commissioned for your town square? Why did you pick that person?

→ Writing Prompt 8: What are the three best things about living in your town? What is the worst thing?

→ Writing Prompt 9: Your cousin is moving to your town. Write a letter explaining why your town is such a wonderful place to live.

→ Writing Prompt 10: If you live in a smaller town, do you wish you lived in a big city? Why or why not? On the other hand, if you live in a large city, do you wish you lived in a small town or a farming community? Why or why not?

→ Writing Prompt 11: Your friend wants to come to your house. Write directions telling him or her how to get there from school. However, before you start writing, think about the details you will need in your directions. For example, think about landmarks you pass and the order in which you pass them. Think about any roads you will need to travel. Write a paragraph or more with the instructions. You can even include a map to help illustrate your directions.

Writing Prompts on My Hometown

Writing Prompts on My Hometown Continue

→ Writing Prompt 12: Using your knowledge of your local geography and environment, explain to a new inhabitant how to orient themselves to your city or town.

→ Writing Prompt 13: What do you think the expression You can’t go home again means?

→ Writing Prompt 14: Your local newspaper has been running a series of articles on local attractions to inform newcomers of places they might visit. Describe your favorite local place in a letter to the editor of the paper.

→ Writing Prompt 15: Is there someone famous who was either born or grew up in your town? If it’s someone who is alive today (an actor, politician or musician, for example) does that make you proud or not? Do you tell newcomers about it when they visit your town?

→ Writing Prompt 16: Describe a change that should be made in the town or city where you live and what you could do to help promote or prompt that change.