Writing Prompts on Pets, Animals & ...
Writing Prompts on Pets, Animals & Bugs

Writing Prompts on Animals, Pets and Bugs

Here’s a collection of writing prompts on animals, pets and bugs. Few things can hold a child’s fascination and attention quite like an animal. Who doesn’t love to tell a story about an amusing pet they know or an interesting encounter with a wild animal? Use these writing prompts to get their writing gears in motion.

Writing Prompts for 1st and 2nd graders:

→ Writing Prompt 1: If your pet could talk, what do you think he would say to you?

→ Writing Prompt 2: Imagine you were able to choose any animal for a class pet. What would you choose and why?

→ Writing Prompt 3: Most people like one particular animal more than others. What is your favorite animal? Why is it your favorite?

→ Writing Prompt 4:  Lucky you! You have been chosen to become an animal for a day. What animal would you be and why?

→ Writing Prompt 5: You’re going on vacation and must leave your pet with a friend. Make a list of things your friend needs to do to take care of your pet.

→ Writing Prompt 6: Think of two different types of animals. Combine the head of one with the body of the other. What is the name of your new animal? What interesting things can he do?

→ Writing Prompt 7: Pretend you’re a bird sitting up high in a tree. Describe in detail what you see and how things look to you.

→ Writing Prompt 8: Imagine you are a dog. Only you’re no ordinary dog. You are a dog with wings! Describe what your days would be like. 

For the older grades:

→ Writing Prompt 9: Write a letter to a local animal shelter requesting information about their animal volunteer program.

→ Writing Prompt 10: Describe a bird, an insect, or animal that you have strong feelings about. For example, choose one that scares, amuses, or puzzles you. Research the animal well enough so that you can describe it fully. Use sensory details that will make your classmates feel the same.

→ Writing Prompt 11: Describe an animal that you will never forget.

→ Writing Prompt 12: Most people know of an animal they would like better than any other as a pet. What animal would you choose to be the best pet ever?

→ Writing Prompt 13: Write an essay about the differences between two different types of insects. Show circumstances on how each type adapts to its environment.

→ Writing Prompt 14: Make up a new animal. Describe the important features of the animal; for example, what it looks like, and where it lives. Write from the viewpoint of the first person to discover this animal.

→ Writing Prompt 15: You are a type of insect. State what type of bug you are and describe your typical day. How do you deal with any dangers you encounter?

→ Writing Prompt 16: You are a type of fish. State what type of fish you are. Describe your typical day and how you deal with any dangers you encounter.

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Writing Prompts on Animals, Pets
and Bugs Continue

→ Writing Prompt 17: You are a bee. Write about your typical day and how you deal with any dangers you encounter.

→ Writing Prompt 18: Which is the better pet? A dog or a cat? Write an essay giving your view on the pros and cons of owning the animal of your choice.

→ Writing Prompt 19: Write an essay giving your view on the pros and cons of owning either a monkey or a horse. Which would be the better pet? Why?

→ Writing Prompt 20: You just found a puppy or kitten all alone in your front yard. Write a letter to your parents explaining why you want to keep it and why you should be allowed to have it. Be sure to include all of the ways you would take care of it and how you would earn the money needed for food and vet bills.

→ Writing Prompt 21: Would you like to be a bird? Why or why not? If yes, what type of bird would you want to be?

→ Writing Prompt 22: Write an essay about an animal that you can’t stand. Why don’t you like it? Have you ever had any experience with that type of animal? Could you ever learn to like it?

→ Writing Prompt 23: You get to be a dog. Would you prefer to be a big dog like a Golden Retriever, a Labrador or a German Shepherd? Or would you prefer to be a cute, cuddly lap dog, like a terrier, a beagle or a dachshund? Why did you make the choice you did?


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