Creative Story Starters for Kids: 2nd Grade

Most children love to tell a good story and by 2nd grade they are able to write some of those stories down. Help them get their creative juices flowing by introducing them to these creative story starters for kids 2nd Grade.

Prompt 1: Write a story and use these words in it: twinkle, snake skin, hiccup and basketball.

Prompt 2: When you woke up this morning you found a monkey in your room. What did you do?

Prompt 3: This morning when you woke up it was raining. But it wasn’t raining water. Instead gummy bears were falling down from the sky. Write a story called, The Day It Rained Gummy Bears.

Prompt 4: Today is mixed up food day. The spaghetti sauce is a deep blue, your banana is pink, both inside and out and your orange is…black! Would you be able to enjoy these foods if they were these colors? Why or why not?

Prompt 5: When you went to the zoo today, you discovered that everything was all mixed up. Elephants barked and lions giggled. What do you think happened?

Prompt 6: You are allowed to pick a new hair color today, but it can’t be a regular color. It has to be a wild color like purple, blue or pink. What color would you pick and why?

Prompt 7: Explain how a violin sounds to someone who is deaf.

Prompt 8: Pretend that when you woke up this morning you had wings. Do you have angel wings, airplane wings or something else?

Prompt 9: Would you rather ride on an elephant or a giraffe? Why?

Prompt 10: Scientists now believe all warm blooded animals dream. What do you think a walrus would dream about?

Prompt 11: Lucky you! You’ve won a trip to Mars. You can only take three special things with you. What things do you take and why did you chose them?

Prompt 12: Would you prefer to be a big, beautiful shade tree, or a small, but colorful, sweet smelling rose?

Prompt 13: You bought a hat at a tag sale for 25 cents. When you put it on your head, you found it gave you a magical power. What power do you have when you wear the hat?

Prompt 14: The animals in the zoo have decided to play a soccer game. Which animal do you think should be the goalie? Why did you choose that animal for the job?

Prompt 15: Today you’re a candle on a birthday cake. Describe your day.

Prompt 16: A new baby kangaroo has been born at your local zoo and you get to name it. What did you pick for a name and why did you choose it?

Prompt 17: Write a story using these three words in it: sleepyhead, gorilla and candy cane.

Prompt 18: You have been given the chance to be invisible for a day. What is the first place you go and what do you do when you get there?

Prompt 19: Cartoon Network has given you a chance to create your own cartoon show! What type of creature would your main character be? Describe him or her and the things you would have them do.

Prompt 20: Explorers have discovered a herd of dinosaurs living in the deepest darkest jungles of Africa. Should we try to capture them and put them in a zoo so everyone can see them?

Prompt 21: If you could join a circus, what would you like to be: a lion tamer, a clown or a trapeze artist?

Prompt 22: Your favorite stuffed animal accidentally got left out in the rain and run over by a garbage truck. It’s all stinky, dirty and squashed. You can’t take it to bed with you anymore. Your mom says to throw it away, but you don’t want to. What do you do to try to fix the problem?

Prompt 23: Would you rather be Batman or Superman? Why did you chose what you did?

Prompt 24: Would you rather be a loud thunderstorm with lots of lightning or a blizzard with swirling snow?

Prompt 25: A giraffe and a gorilla at the zoo became good friends and decided to escape. How do you think they would be able to do it?

Prompt 26: Today you are a pencil. Describe your day. 

Prompt 27: As a special treat, your teacher said you can bring your pet to school for show and tell. The problem is your pet is not a typical pet, like a cat or dog. You’re not sure whether or not to bring your pet to school because your pet is ……  

Prompt 28: Who makes you happiest in your classroom?

Prompt 29: When you were in your garden today, you found a group of fairies. One of them asked you to build a miniature house for them. What materials would you use for the house? What kind of house would you build? 

Prompt 30: Write about the last dream you remember. Was it a scary dream, a fun dream or just a confusing one that made no sense at all?

Prompt 31: Today is make a new friend day. You are supposed to find someone in school that you’ve never spoken to before and try to make a new friend. Write down some things you might say to someone who you want to become friends with.

Prompt 32: What if day was night and night was day? Could you do all of the fun things you want to do when it’s dark outside? Could you sleep with the sun shining all day? Write a story about how your life would be if day and night were reversed.

Prompt 33: What is your favorite thing about school?

Prompt 34: Would you rather be a dog or a cat? Explain why you chose the one you did.

Prompt 35: When your teacher came into class this morning she had on a bright red wig, a purple dress with huge yellow flowers all over it, and she was wearing snow boots even though it is only September. Why do you think she dressed this way today?

Prompt 36: Is it easier to keep your eyes open during the day or at night? Why?

Prompt 37: Can you make your arm hurt just by telling it to hurt?

Prompt 38: How many elephants could you fit in your bedroom? How many kittens?

Prompt 39: If you tried really hard, could you run as fast as a train? A car? A bicycle?

Prompt 40: What things do you do that make your parents happy?