Expository Writing Prompts on Technology

The past 150 years has seen some of the greatest technological advancements in history. From the steam engine to the solar panel to the iPhone and more. Every child will be able to find something to write about with these writing prompts involving technology. 

→ Writing Prompt 1: Less than 50 years ago, the average family owned one telephone, one or two televisions and a few radios. However, today the average household has at least five devices that need an internet connection. In addition, as many as six percent of households own at least 15 such devices including smartphones, tablets, televisions, gaming consoles; even digital photo frames. This makes life much easier for everyone. On the other hand, having so much to take care of can be complicated. Do you think there is a bad side to being so dependent on technology?

→ Writing Prompt 2: Your 8-year old cousin asks you how do planes stay up in the air. Write an essay explaining how planes fly. 

→ Writing Prompt 3: Most inventions have pros and cons to them. Pick an invention that you believe has the most negative impact on our world. Why did you choose that invention? What do you think is wrong with it?

→ Writing Prompt 4: Imagine a world where electricity had never been invented. Write an essay explaining how the lack of electricity would impact you personally today.

→ Writing Prompt 5: Transportation is a necessary part of modern life. Write an essay that explains how American families use the car. Explain how it is used for business, pleasure, and emergencies.

→ Writing Prompt 6: The telephone has become a very important part of everyday life. Write an essay explaining how the phone has changed American life and the different ways the family uses it.

→ Writing Prompt 7: Weigh the risks and rewards of space flight by explaining why you would or would not like to be a passenger on the Space Shuttle.

→ Writing Prompt 8: Do you think that some people have difficulty talking to others face-to-face because of how prevalent texting is today? When you have an issue that you need to discuss with someone, do you prefer to sit down and talk it out face-to-face? Or do yo prefer to handle it through texting or Facebook or some other form of written communication?

technology writing prompts
Technology Writing Prompts Continue


→ Writing Prompt 9: Describe an experiment to be conducted on board the Space Shuttle.

→ Writing Prompt 10: Think about what your life would be like without the electric light bulb. Describe a typical day for you during the dark of winter and think about how you would adjust without being able to turn on any lights. 

→ Writing Prompt 11: Think about a new invention you would like to create. Describe this invention and tell what it can do.

→ Writing Prompt 12: Write a story about something that has been recycled, like a can, water bottle or plastic bag, and tell of its adventures along the way.

→ Writing Prompt 13: Methods of communication have changed drastically over the past 50 years. Do you feel these changes on how we communicate have caused more stress or have made life easier for this generation compared to your parents and grandparent’s lives?

→ Writing Prompt 14: Flying cars will probably be a part of your future. What types of laws do you think we’ll need for this new invention? More importantly, what do you think the maximum speed limit should be for flying cars? How will take-offs and landings be handled? Will we need to drive to an airstrip to start our journeys or will the car be able to lift off right from our driveways?

→ Writing Prompt 15: Your principal has decided that students in your school can have several new computers in your classroom. Write an essay for the school newspaper about how the new computers will be used to benefit your learning.