Writing Prompts on Opinions

Young people are not often given the opportunity to express their thoughts on larger issues and concerns. These opinion writing prompts will allow them to put on their thinking caps and come up with solutions to situations that they normally wouldn’t be exposed to.

→ Writing Prompt 1: Your town has extra money which they can use for a town improvement project. Should they build a sports park or a town swimming pool? Explain the reasons for your choice.

→ Writing Prompt 2: Cyber bullying has become a problem for many children and teens. Although it can lead to a child feeling so hopeless that they commit suicide, there is no Federal anti-bullying law. ( For example, forty nine states have anti-bullying legislation, but bullying is not illegal). Have you ever been cyber bullied? As a result, did you report it? How did it make you feel and what can we do as a nation to stop it?

→ Writing Prompt 3: When daily paper newspapers were prevalent, people used to voice their opinions by writing a letter to the editor, which often got published. However, when you voiced your opinion in that manner, you had to sign your name to your letter. Today anyone can say anything about anyone anonymously all due to social media. Frequently, there is no censorship and people can say hurtful things. They can tell lies without fear of being caught. Do you think that there should be a law in which you can’t post anything unless your name goes along with the post? Why or why not?

→ Writing Prompt 4: There’s a new amusement park being built in your town, on the land in the empty field right behind your house. Would that be a good thing or a bad thing? Explain your answer.

→ Writing Prompt 5: The police department in your town has outgrown their building. They have proposed to build a new police department in the empty lot right next to the high school. Would that be a good thing or a bad thing? Write an essay explaining your point of view.

→ Writing Prompt 6: The restaurant association of your state is seeking nominations for “Restaurant of the Year.” Nominate your favorite restaurant by writing a letter to the restaurant association president, Mrs. I.M. Phul, describing why this restaurant should win.  

→ Writing Prompt 7: Your town council has given you the chance to order a statue for your town honoring someone important. However, the person you choose does not have to be famous. Who would you like to see be honored by having a statue commissioned for your town square? Why did you pick that person?

→ Writing Prompt 8: Your local newspaper has been running a series of articles on local attractions to inform newcomers of places they might visit. Describe your favorite local place in a letter to the editor of the paper.

→ Writing Prompt 9: Describe a change that should be made in the town or city where you live and what you could do to help promote or prompt that change.

→ Writing Prompt 10: Everyone town has something nice about it and something maybe not so nice. Write about the three best things about living in your town? What is the worst thing?