Expository Writing Prompts on Books

Getting sucked up in a good book is one of the greatest things someone can experience. A good story can transport 500 years into the past or 5000 years into the future. Use the power of books as a starting point for your students' essays with these writing prompts..


Prompt 1: Choose one of your favorite authors. Write a letter telling why you like his/her work.

Prompt 2: Your class is making a class cookbook. Write an essay about your favorite recipe and why it should be included in the cookbook.

Prompt 3: Choose a book, CD or TV show that you enjoy write an essay telling the reader why you enjoy it.

Prompt 4: What is your favorite book? Write an advertisement that will convince your classmates to read it.

Prompt 5: The arts (music, art, drama, dance etc.,) and sports have important effects on people's lives. Choose one of the arts or a sport and explain the ways it could shape and influence one's life.

Prompt 6: An author is taking suggestions for a new biography. Choose an author to base the new biography on and write a letter to the author explaining why they would make a good subject.