Writing Prompts on Dr. Seuss Quotes

Dr. Seuss was a prolific writer whose children’s books are among the most popular of all time. And while his lyrical language enticed young children to learn to read, many of his quotes resonate with tweens, teens and adults. These writing prompts on Dr, Seuss quotes are a few of his most quotable lines.  When used as writing prompts, they will get your students to view the world with a fresh pair of eyes.


Writing Prompt 1: Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.
Everyone suffers loss in their lives. Pick something that was sad for you (your best friend moved away, you lost the championship game, summer vacation came to an end), and write about why there are still so many reasons you had to smile before it was over. Does remembering the fun stuff make it easier?

→ Writing Prompt 2:  Unless someone like you cares an awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.
Dr. Seuss was not referring only to the big things, like someone caring enough to build a hospital in a place that needs one. He meant caring about the small, everyday things that help make the world a better place. Even cleaning up the mess you make when you eat at the park makes things better. What would happen if no one cared enough to do anything to make the world better? What kinds of things can you do?

→ Writing Prompt 3: You can get help from your teachers, but you are going to have to learn a lot by yourself, sitting alone in your room.
Why do you think you need to ponder over things quietly to learn something? Write about a time when you had an ‘aha’ moment when you thought something through and came to a truth or a realization about something. It could be a school work problem or a problem that you solved regarding your friends or family.

→ Writing Prompt 4: A person’s a person, no matter how small.
Dr. Seuss was not talking about a person’s physical size necessarily. He could just have easily said “a person’s a person, no matter what”. He wanted people to accept diversity; whether the person is small or large, Asian or Hispanic, short or tall, thin or fat. Can you think of a time when someone was not treated well because they were “different” from the rest? How did you feel when you witnessed the situation?

→ Writing Prompt 5: The more you read, the more you know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go. 
The word places in this quote is not meant to be literal. It doesn’t mean if you read a lot, you might get to travel to Spain! The places you’ll go is meant to indicate how you can expand your horizons by learning as much as you can. What places do you dream of going in your life? How could reading help you to achieve these goals?