Scary Story Prompts

Scary Story PromptsScary story prompts don’t need to be used only on Halloween. Here’s a list of scary story prompts you can use all year long for your 3rd through up to 8th grade students. 

Writing Prompt 1: Melanie woke up to a thumping sound coming from her closet. It got louder and louder. Should she open the door to see what it is? Would YOU?

→ Writing Prompt 2:  Describe what you think would be a really scary monster. How many eyes, arms and legs would it have? How many heads? What type of teeth would he have? Would his body be covered in fur? Or something else?

→ Writing Prompt 3: The box you found hidden in your brother’s room had blood oozing out of it. What do you think is inside the box?

→ Writing Prompt 4: Bobby never believed in ghosts until the day he…

→ Writing Prompt 5: The Halloween witch was stirring a pot to make her magic creation for casting spells. What ingredients does she have in the pot? Make it as gooey and yucky and scary as you like!

→ Writing Prompt 6: The roller coaster ride your were riding at the amusement park got stuck at the top for a long time. In fact, it was stuck for so long that finally the park closed and everyone went home. You were really scared and trapped. Suddenly you hear blood curdling screams! What is it? And what do you do?

→ Writing Prompt 7: Vampires? I never believed in vampires! Until that night last October when …….

→ Writing Prompt 8: Last night you had a terrifying dream where zombies were chasing you. Just as one reached out to grab you, you woke up. You were so relieved to be awake, until you saw…

→ Writing Prompt 9: Your new house looks fine on the outside. But the inside is SCARY. Describe what makes your house so scary. Talk about the way it looks and smells. Describe the weird sounds you hear at night when you go to bed.

→ Writing Prompt 10: Andy and Charlie were told never to open the old box under Grandpa’s bed. When Grandpa was taking a walk one day they sneaked into his room and pulled out the box. When they opened it, they discovered…