Good Persuasive Essay Topics

These exciting persuasive writing prompts are geared primarily for high school and middle school students. They include starting points for good persuasive essay topics to give your students the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings and concerns on a variety of interesting and challenging topics. Use these persuasive writing prompts to encourage thoughtful debate and discussion.

→ Writing Prompt 1: Should schools provide laptops to all students or just to those whose families can’t afford them?

→ Writing Prompt 2: Should teachers accept late work? If yes, what restrictions would you put on work being turned in late? (For example, does the reason it’s late matter? How late is it acceptable to turn in overdue work? Or should there be no exceptions making it fairer for everyone?)

→ Writing Prompt 3: Should physical education be a requirement in high school?

→ Writing Prompt 4: Are you and your friends too reliant on technology?

→ Writing Prompt 5: Is homework necessary?

→ Writing Prompt 6: Do you feel that having homework helps you to understand the work better?

→ Writing Prompt 7: Social media can be both beneficial and destructive. Do the benefits outweigh the problems that social media can create? Is there a solution that could correct the problems that social media has contributed to?

→ Writing Prompt 8: Should animals be used for testing for the medical field?

→ Writing Prompt 9: Should single-use plastic bags be banned?

→ Writing Prompt 10: Write a persuasive essay on why it is important that geography be taught in high school.

→ Writing Prompt 11: Should school start later in the morning?

→ Writing Prompt 12: Should public school students be required to wear school uniforms?

→ Writing Prompt 13: Should animals be used for testing beauty and skin products?

→ Writing Prompt 14: Should people be allowed to keep exotic animals as pets under certain circumstances?

→ Writing Prompt 15: Should recreational hunting and fishing be banned?

→ Writing Prompt 16: Should the death penalty be banned?

→ Writing Prompt 17: Should vaccines be mandatory? (Not only Covid related, but polio, chicken pox, measles, etc)

→ Writing Prompt 18: Should for-profit prison systems be allowed to continue in the United States?

→ Writing Prompt 19: Do emojis make it easier to communicate when you are writing something that could be taken the wrong way?

→ Writing Prompt 20: How much time a day do you spend on average doing homework? Is it too much, too little, or just right?