Creative Writing Prompts Middle School

Middle school children love the freedom of being able to write without worrying about standardized testing scores. These are fun and creative writing prompts middle school children will enjoy and appreciate!

Prompt 1: Nothing good can come from a knock on the door at midnight. But I opened it anyway. Standing on my doorstep was..

Prompt 2: Every Thursday night, after you go to bed ,you hear your mom sneak out of the house. She always returns exactly four hours later. Where do you think she goes?

Prompt 3: You are watching a movie about the Civil War when suddenly, you find yourself in the middle of the movie as one of the characters on the big screen. Who did you become? A soldier, a slave, a slave owner, Lincoln, a spy, or someone else? Are you delighted, fearful, anxious, or what? Did you know you are just in a movie or do you think it’s real? Write a story about what happens next..

Prompt 4: You hear your name announced over the school’s loudspeaker. You are directed to go to the principal’s office immediately. Why are you being summoned?

Prompt 5: You open a trunk in your grandparent’s attic and find something shocking. Write about what you find.

Prompt 6: Write a short story using these words: flashlight, applesauce, balloon, jacket, swan.

Prompt 7: My mom, the interior decorator, did it again! When I left the house this morning my room was painted light blue. When I returned this afternoon the walls were the color of..

Prompt 8: One day while fishing with your dad, you feel a strong tug in your line. You reel it in and are shocked at what you’ve caught. Write a story about what you’ve pulled out of the water.

Prompt 9: Write a story about how your parents met. If you don’t know how they met, make it up!

Prompt 10: You get to write a fashion blog! The only catch is that you must describe the clothes from the year 2297! What will we be wearing then?

Prompt 11: You’ve been given a guarantee by a magic genie that you will either be rich or famous when you grow up, but you can’t be both. Which one do you choose and why?

Prompt 12: My parents laid down the law last night! If I don’t get my grades up this quarter, I’ll be..

Prompt 13: It was the worst thing that could happen to me. The score is tied, it’s the bottom of the ninth with two outs, and I’m at bat. And wouldn’t you know who’s pitching! Write a story about what happens next.

Prompt 14: You’ve been told a thousand times, never, never go down to the basement. It was totally off limits. But today, you’re home alone. You sneak down the stairs and discover..

Prompt 15: You find an old photograph album and start looking through the pictures. You come across a picture of your dad and mom before they got married and couldn’t believe what they were doing. Who knew your parents used to..

Prompt 16: In your family, your brother is known as the athletic one. Your sister is considered the smart one. But you are famous for being..

Prompt 17: Your Great-Great aunt Edna just died and left you an inheritance. Instead of money or jewelry, as you had hoped, she left you one mangy dog, two canaries, and 22 cats. What is your reaction and how do you handle the situation?

Prompt 18: “Don’t touch that!” I shouted as my friend Jesse reached for the..

Prompt 19: You would have thought that wearing a clown costume for Halloween would have meant you were going to have a fun night. Instead, when you went to old man Guthries’ house, things turned ugly. Because when you got to the door, Guthries wasn’t handling out treats. Instead he was..

Prompt 20: Write an essay on what arguments you could use to convince your parents to let you go to the mall with a bunch of friends for the day unsupervised.