Story Starters for Kids 1st Grade

Most first graders haven’t mastered writing as of yet, but that doesn’t stop their imaginations from soaring. These creative writing prompts for kids will get them involved in the writing process even if they’ve never picked up a pencil!

Prompt 1: Tomato sauce on the walls, banana peels on the floor, and ice cream melting in the oven! Who was cooking and what happened?

Prompt 2: The milk you drank for breakfast this morning turned out to be a magic potion. After you took one sip, you became invisible. Is that a fun thing or a terrible thing? What are you going to do today, now that no one can see you?

Prompt 3:  When you left your house for school today were you ever surprised! All of the streets in your town are now rivers. How will your parents go to work? How will you get to school? 

Prompt 4: For some strange reason, the snowman you built last winter never melted. Now it’s Halloween. You’ve decided to put a costume on him. What type of costume will you choose?

Prompt 5: When you got on the bus this morning, you discovered your bus driver was gone and the new bus driver was a dinosaur! Were you excited or scared?

Prompt 6: Your parents said you can decorate your room any way you like. Use your imagination and describe your idea of a perfect bedroom.

Prompt 7: Make up a fairy tale with this sentence as the opening…Once upon a time there was a talking tree in the forest.

Prompt 8: When you woke up this morning your dog started meowing and your cat barked! What happened in your house last night to make this happen?

Prompt 9: Close your eyes for a moment and think of the color pink. Now open your eyes and describe what it looks like to someone who has never seen it before.

Prompt 10: While swimming at the lake with your family, you discovered a sea monster. What does it look like? Give plenty of detail!

Prompt 11: When you got home from school yesterday, there was a talking rabbit sitting on your porch! What did he say to you?

Prompt 12: Would you like to be a bird? What would be fun about it? What would be scary about being a bird? 

Prompt 13: Just for today, elephants can sing. What type of songs do you think an elephant would sing?

Prompt 14: Lucky you! You are going on a trip to the moon. Think about three things you would take with you and why you chose those particular items.

Prompt 15: Would you rather be a butterfly or a rabbit? Why?

Prompt 16: You are lucky enough to get to the end of a rainbow. But there’s no pot of gold! What did you find there instead?

Prompt 17: This morning when you woke up you found two squirrels sitting on your bed having a conversation. How did they get there and what were they talking about?

Prompt 18: Would you rather be a frog or a pig? Why?

Prompt 19: Would you like it if dogs and cats came in more interesting colors, like red, green, purple, blue or pink? If you could have an animal an unusual color what color would you pick?

Prompt 20: Would you like to live in the jungle instead of the city? Why or why not?

Prompt 21: Your dog (or cat) has taken a drink of water from a magic bowl and can now talk to you. What do you think he’d say?

Prompt 22: You’re an animal in a cage headed for the zoo. What type of animal are you and how do you feel about living in the zoo?

Prompt 23: The new girl who just moved in next door loves to play with her stuffed animals and baby dolls. You prefer to ride your bike or go on nature hikes. Do you think you will end up being friends? Why or why not?

Prompt 24: Would you rather fly an airplane or drive a fire truck? Why?

Prompt 25: You get to pick what you want to eat for lunch today. Anything you want! The only catch is, you have to include in your lunch something yellow, something red, something green and something blue. What will you eat for lunch today?

Prompt 26: What are you most afraid of?  

Prompt 27: What makes you so happy you feel as if you will burst when you get to do it?

Prompt 28: Today you are a yellow crayon. Describe your day.

Prompt 29: There is an expression which states, A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. What do you think that means?

Prompt 30: If you could be a vegetable, what vegetable would you be? Why did you pick that particular vegetable?

Prompt 31: Describe the type of house you think we would need to live in if we were going to be living on the moon.